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2 HR Drug education course for addicts
After the tragic loss ofher brother to crystal methamphetamine, Dr. Mary F. Holley started a public education campaign to warn young people against drug abuse. In this video presentation, she discusses the biochemical effect of these drugs on the brain, and the power of Jesus Christ to heal the addicted person and give them courage to reclaim their lives.

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Crystal Meth - They Call It Ice VIDEO

By Mary F. Holley, MD Founder and Director of MAMa
Available on DVD, .50 minutes
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Dr. Holley has been teaching this material in churches and community events all over the nation. It is now presented as Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice— The Video, available in DVD.
The Video, available in DVD. Her message is directed to our youth, parents, professionals, and those in the grip of methamphetamine addiction.
It is informative, compassionate, and full of hope for the families dealing with addiction in their loved ones.

Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice—The Video starts with the compelling story of an addict who took his own life under the influence of methamphetamine. It teaches the basic brain effects of the drug, stages of addiction, and the personality and behavior changes caused by meth. It discusses the risk factors for addiction, how to recognize the early signs of addiction, how to tell if your loved one is using meth, and how to bring diem to the cross of Jesus Christ for healing and strength to recover.
This video is useful for counseling parents and family members of addicts in the art of tough love. It is an excellent resource for educating our youth about the dangers of drug use. It also allows you to reach out to addicts in your community with the mercy and power of Jesus Christ

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Covers the basic anatomy and biochemistry of the brain as they relate to addiction. The risk factors for addiction are discussed, as well as the different stages of addiction. Describes, in detail, the consequences of methamphetamine abuse of the brain structures and their functions, and on the personality and relationships of the abuser. It includes home video footage of Jim as he struggled with the effects of his meth use. He describes his hallucination, his difficulty functioning in a job, and the circumstances of his first use. He says, "I'll never get back what I lost that night."

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This documentary aims to educate viewers about what methamphetamine is and why it is so dangerous. Shows the effects of drug abuse leading to addiction, crime, harm to dental health, personality, job, brain health and cardiovascular system. Medical professionals discuss the stages of addiction, and the terrible physical and psychological consequences of taking this drug. Also has interviews with police officers and community health workers. Exposes the forms and effects of methamphetamine, an insidious drug which can be snorted, ingested, smoked and injected, destroying lives in the process.

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Mothers Against Methamphetamine

Mothers Against Methamphetamine has video and printed material for those ministering to addicts, in jail or prison, and in rehabilitation settings. 


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The Power Over Addiction curriculum is used with addicts and inmates across the nation to educate them about all drugs of abuse, including methamphetamine, and show them the mercy of Jesus Christ for the struggling addict.