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Crystal Meth - They Call It Ice

By Mary F. Holley, MD - Founder of MAMa
467 Pages, Hardback, Tate Publishing
This book is the definitive study on methamphetamine. Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice offers a comprehensive description of what methamphetamine is, how it works, and why it is so destructive to the lives of our young people. It describes the personality changes, the insanity, the abandoned children and premature death caused by meth.
Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice includes a 28 page color section showing the appearance of the drug, its common paraphernalia, home "labs" for the manufacture of meth, the destruction in people's lives, and shocking brain scans detailing the extent of brain damage associated with meth.
Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice also explores the risk factors for addiction. The widespread use of alcohol, nicotine and marijuana provides a social and biochemical backdrop for methamphetamine addiction. Social risk factors such as peer pressure, broken homes, and the loss of discipline in the home and school are discussed. The underlying disrespect for God that is so prevalent is oirr culture is exposed as a cause of drug addiction.
This book also reveals the power of a meaningful relationship with God to heal an addict and restore him to sanity. It brings the addict and his family to the cross of Jesus Christ for forgiveness and healing. The fully recovered addict will be a very powerful Christian, able to reach others with His mercy and compassion. The church is challenged to receive these people, nurture them, and equip them to minister to others. 

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Crystal Meth - They Call It Ice VIDEO

By Mary F. Holley, MD Founder and Director of MAMa
Available on DVD, .50 minutes
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Dr. Holley has been teaching this material in churches and community events all over the nation. It is now presented as Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice— The Video, available in DVD.
The Video, available in DVD. Her message is directed to our youth, parents, professionals, and those in the grip of methamphetamine addiction.
It is informative, compassionate, and full of hope for the families dealing with addiction in their loved ones.

Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice—The Video starts with the compelling story of an addict who took his own life under the influence of methamphetamine. It teaches the basic brain effects of the drug, stages of addiction, and the personality and behavior changes caused by meth. It discusses the risk factors for addiction, how to recognize the early signs of addiction, how to tell if your loved one is using meth, and how to bring diem to the cross of Jesus Christ for healing and strength to recover.
This video is useful for counseling parents and family members of addicts in the art of tough love. It is an excellent resource for educating our youth about the dangers of drug use. It also allows you to reach out to addicts in your community with the mercy and power of Jesus Christ

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New Testament Only Life Recovery Bible

This 12 step Bible was written for the rehabilitation community. It is a
New Living Translation of the New Testament and includes sidebars and footnotes correlating scripture with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

I have been distributing these Bibles in the Marshal County jails and
rehabilitation centers for the past several years. Inmates are eager to
get them and study them. Every time I go into the jail, some one will show me the Bible I gave him 2 months ago, all dog eared and underlined.

Mothers now distributes these Bibles for a donation of $10 + shipping and handling for the New Testament, Proverbs, and Psalms . This is a 20% discount off of suggested retail prices.

We recommend that you use them in your counseling and outreach efforts, support groups, and prayer groups.

Recovery from addiction requires a good solid Bible study, and this Bible provides an understandable and comprehensive study of the Bible as it relates to addiction and recovery.

The New Living Translation is easy to understand and at the same time
faithful to the text.

This Bible includes Recovery notes, 12 step devotionals, Recovery profiles of numerous characters from the Bible, and reflections of the Serenity prayer.

The Bible has a lot to say about addiction and recovery, the 12 steps, and Serenity. God has dealt with a lot of broken people over the years, and He can handle addiction, too.

The study of the Word of God draws up closer to Him as we pray. He speaks to us in His word.

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The Life Recovery Workbook

As a complement to The Life Recovery Bible, The Life Recovery Workbook leads the recovering addict into reflection and practical application. By placing the 12 steps of recovery into a firm biblical context, the workbook brings scriptural principles into personal focus. Contemporary "Recovery Profiles," expanded descriptions of each of the 12 steps, and open-ended questions work in unison with The Life Recovery Bible. Far more than just teaching about the 12 steps, the workbook is a guide to an in-depth working of the steps, making the principles of recovery come alive for "one day at a time" living.

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Mothers Against Methamphetamine

Mothers Against Methamphetamine has video and printed material for those ministering to addicts, in jail or prison, and in rehabilitation settings. 


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The Power Over Addiction curriculum is used with addicts and inmates across the nation to educate them about all drugs of abuse, including methamphetamine, and show them the mercy of Jesus Christ for the struggling addict.